Monday, September 26, 2016

CAS Pathanamthitta - Vision and MOTTO


Centre For Advanced Studies (CAS ) Pathanamthitta, Kerala shall provide  a sustainable and accessible environment where we support and encourage  student possibilities by building on the vibrancy of CAS where we are guided by the principles of inclusiveness, integrity, creativity and quality. Empowered through the resources we will inspire our students in critical thinking and make them useful globally in their respective fields.


Learning For Life,
Through Learning We Flourish, 
Through Hard work to the Heights....

Friday, September 9, 2016

Onam Celebrations at CAS Pathanamthitta

Floral Carpet prepared by the students of Centre for Advanced Studies Pathanamthitta

Son of our IELTS student enjoying the happy moments at CAS Pathanamthitta

Medical Coding Students joining the Celebration

Director Centre for Advanced Studies sharing some happy moments with our Guests at Onam Celebration.

Dr.Vinod Raj, Chief Guest of the day delivering the Onam message.

Dr.Vinod Raj, make the audience cheerful with his onam song "Poovili Poovili Ponnonamai....".
The floral carpet prepared by our students

Friday, August 26, 2016

Personality Development Class at the NSS Camp

George Daniel, Director, CAS is leading the Personality Development Class at the NSS Camp organized by the TTTM High School, Vadassesikara.

Classes on Opportunities outside India

CAS conducts regular seminars and classes regarding Opportunities Abroad, to assist students.
Mr. Vijaya Sena Reddy, MD, Confluence Education, Hyderabad is leading a session at CAS.